Eyes Wide Shut On Location

Fantasy, mystery and masquerade. Get ready for a night to remember when CPH PIX invites you to an extravagant On Location screening of Kubrick’s masterpiece ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

After Alice (Nicole Kidman) admits to having sexual fantasies about other men, her husband Bill (Tom Cruise) becomes increasingly jealous and travels deep into the sexual underworld of New York City. Here, he plays with fire and flirts with being unfaithful, but soon discovers that he is in over his head…

Kubrick’s drama sets the alluring tone with a costume ball, and just like in the film, the location for the event will be kept secret from the public, and guests must disclose a secret password to gain access to the decadent venue. 

Ready for a mysterious evening at an extravagant location? Put on a beautiful mask, dress to the nines, and let us whisk you away into a night of glamour, desire and mystery.

Password and address will be disclosed with ticket purchase.

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ On Location
October 5th at 7PM
Tickets: 180 kr.