The magical and realistic Oblivion Verses

The Latin American and magical realistic ‘Oblivion Verses’ takes place in a country that bears the mark of political crimes. It is a poetic tribute to everyone who fights to show people respect – even when they are dead. The movie is a part of our main competition New Talent Grand PIX. Watch it and meet the director on 8 October.

About the movie

The calm old caretaker at a mortuary in Santiago – which is threatened by closure – can remember everything except names. He prefers to stick to himself and his plants, but when the military storms the mortuary after a demonstration to hide civilian victims, he is suddenly left with the body of a young woman. Nobody wants to have anything to do with her, but the old man decides to give her a proper funeral, whatever the cost may be. The director Alireza Khatami is Iranian, but ‘Oblivion Verses’ is every inch a Latin American film. It is an understated comedy, full of kindness and magic realism. But it is also – in a country marked by political crimes – a meditation on the memory of the dead, and a poetic tribute to all those who struggle to show their respect to strangers and the unknown.

Watch the film on 8 October at 15.00 in Gloria. Get your tickets HERE.