Day 12: guide for the day!

PIX’17 is soon ending. But there are still plenty of films to choose from. Films that you simply cannot miss! See the 10 amazing films, which are nominated for Politiken’s Audience Award, start with the four that we screen today. Furthermore we have occult horror, free beer-movie with beers on the side and three incredible actors wrapped up in one movie:


Ten fantastic features are competing for your vote and for the possibility of Danish distribution in Politikens Audience Award. And you still have a chance to view them all! Come by the cinemas during the last days of PIX and hand out hearts – today you can start out with these four film:

‘A Ciambra’ at 16.45 in Cinemateket. Read more HERE.
‘In Syria’ at 21.45 in Cinemateket. Read more HERE. 
‘Daphne’ at 16.30 in Dagmar. Read more HERE.
‘Requim for Mrs. J’ at 21.30 in Dagmar. Read more HERE.


INDIE: The Dinner + Mobile Homes

American films are much more than generic Hollywood blockbusters and endless sequels. Today you have the chance to watch two eminent examples from USA’s indie scene, when we screen the star-studded thriller ‘The Dinner’ in Grand at 16.40 and the road drama ‘Mobile Homes’ in Cinemateket at 21.30.

Read more about ‘The Dinner’ HERE.
Read more about ‘Mobile Homes’ HERE.

HORROR: A Dark Song

An occult ritual evolves into a monthly long inferno for the grieving Sophie in Liam Gavins spiritual slow-burner ‘A Dark Song’, where all the humiliating details of ritual are elaborated with horrifying precision.

Face evil tonight when we screen the film at 21.30 in Palads. Read more HERE.


BEER: Carlsberg

Watching film is nice. Beer is nice. Free beer is even better. Combine it all when we, in collaboration with Carlsberg, present the documentary movie ‘The Copenhagen Beer Revolution’ in occasion of Carlsberg’s 170-year anniversary. The film is accompanied by the new Carlsberg 1883-beer, which you of course can get a taste of.

Be there at 16.30 in Cinemateket. Read more and get your (free) ticket HERE.


MASTER: Ismael’s Ghosts

Three of French films finest actors collide together in this refined, erotic film noir. Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Mathieu Almaric compose the sublime trio, which is directed competently by the Cannes-veteran Arnaud Desplechin.

French film Monday in Grand at 19.00. Read more about the film HERE.

TALENT: The Desert Bride

Let yourself be embraced by the warm desert wind in this quiet drama about the 54-year old housekeeper Teresa, who finds love far out on the Argentine common. A charming late summer-romance wrapped in elegant autumn images.

Be enchanted in Gloria at 19.00. More about the film HERE.


EXTRA: Extra screenings

More than 190 films wrapped in 14 days of festival. If you haven’t seen all of your favourites from this years program we wont hold it against you. Luckily we have gathered a selection of extra screenings you can check out right here.