Day 13: guide for the day!

Movie with Chan, and a gangster from Japan. Dogs who barf and fight. A doctor and a Kidman. We have a whole range of movies waiting to be discovered. See you in the cinema!


FANTASY: I Kill Giants

”Beautiful, imaginative, hilarious and touching”. This is how film journalist Christian Monggard describes ’I Kill Giants’. And he is ever so right. Tomorrow we have the pleasure of presenting a sneak peak on Anders Walter’s fantasy-drama and the director himself will be present.

Wednesday at 19.00 in Grand. Read more about the movie HERE.


EXTRA: Extra screenings

It is not over until the fat lady turn off the light. Watch extra screenings of the following movies: ‘How To Talk To Girls At Parties’, ‘Songs in the sun’, ‘I Kill Giants’, ‘Tom of Finland’, ‘A Ghost Story’, ‘Blade of the Immortal’ and ‘Doctor Harvig’. All films are screened on 11 October.

Read about all the extra screenings HERE.


DOGS: Dog x Bitch

Be aware of rabies when we later today screen two comedies, which are both sure to provide you with something to bark about. The divorced Jacques chooses a life as a weakly lapdog in ‘Dog’ while the worn down housewife Jill transforms into a frothing ‘Bitch’.

Watch ‘Dog’ in Dagmar at 16.3o. More about the movie HERE.
Watch ‘Bitch’ in Empire at 20.00. More about the movie HERE.



This year’s best debutants – no more, no less. We are sure to see much more from all the directors nominated in the main competition, but here you can start out with their impressive debut films. Today we screen ‘Custody’, ‘Soldiers. Story From Ferentari’ and ‘Summer 1993’.

’Custody’ at 21.30 in Dagmar, read more HERE.
‘Soldiers. Story from Ferentari’ at 17.30 in Empire, read more HERE.
‘Summer 93’ at 19.00 in Grand, read more HERE.



10 films have been nominated for Politikens Audience Award and you still have a chance to watch several of them! Today we screen the hyper relevant ‘LOMO – The Language of Many Others’ the tough and realistic ‘Sicilian Ghost Story’ alongside the authentic ‘La Familia’. At 16.45, 21.15 and 19.00.

‘LOMO – The Language of Many Others’ at 16.45 in Cinemateket. More about the movie HERE.
‘Sicilian Ghost Story’ at 21.15 in Cinemateket. More about the movie HERE.
‘La Familia’ at 19.00 i Gloria. More about the movie HERE.


TOP DOLLAR: The Foreigner

Jackie Chan surely has delivered some serious punches and bloody noses throughout his carrier, but seldom with the same determination as in ’The Foreigner’. Martin Campbell hits a realistic tone in this affective action thriller in which both Chan and his co-actor Brosnan are in absolute top form.

Watch the film in CinemaxX at 19.00. Read more HERE.


GANGSTER: Outrage Coda

The Godfather of Japanese gangster film is back with the last – and most fierce – chapter in the Outrage-trilogy. Newcomers can easily join this hardboiled ending, which is guaranteed to provide its audience with both assassinations and black waxed Sedan’s, wrapped in ‘Beat’ Takeshi’s usual slapstick humour.

We screen the movie at 21.30 in Cinemateket. Read more HERE.