David Lynch’ muse plays at Bremen

Chrysta Bell plays FBI-agent Tammy Preston in ‘Twin Peaks: The Return”, but she is also David Lynch’ musical collaborator. On April 23 she will play a concert at Bremen Theatre in Copenhagen.

Christ Bell and David Lynch already teamed up in 2006 when they wrote the song ”Polish Poem”, and since then they have collaborated on a solo-album together with last year’s ep, ‘Somewhere in the Nowhere’.

In June Chrysta Bell released the album ‘We Dissolve’ – a natural continuation of her dynamic collaboration with David Lynch. Furthermore she is part of the live-album ”The Music of David Lynch”, where prominent names as Duran Duran, Lykke Li, Karen O and The Flaming Lips are featured. On April 23, 2018 she will pay a visit to Bremen Theatre in Copenhagen.

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