The Film of the Month: ‘Good Time’

Bank robbers on fire. In October, you can enjoy the Cannes praised adrenaline rush by the Safdie brothers with Robert Pattinson at his best. ‘Good Time’ is the film of the month in Cinemateket.

Robert Pattinson plays the bank robber Conny, who brings his mentally ill brother Nick (Benny Safdie) and himself in trouble. We follow him through the streets of New York from bank robberies and kidnapping of a hospitalized patient to a getaway at an old lady’s house – and on to a tripout at a theme park at night.

‘Good Time’ is the most breathless and entertaining thriller in years, and behind what seems coincidences, the Safdie brothers’ film is delivered with perfection and precision. As IndieWire puts it, “there’s simply no other modern American filmmaker capable of generating comedy and deep-seated suspense at the same time.”
David Lopatin’s (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) soundtrack is an uncompromised mix of noise and beautiful synths, which also won the award for best soundtrack at the Cannes Festival.

The film runs from October 8 to 21.

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